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QE Workshop Report

Sarasota Workshop Report by Daisuke Ichihashi

February 5, 2011 QE Basic Workshop

February 6, 2011 QE Master Workshop

My name is Daisuke Ichihashi. I have been practicing energy therapy and healings in general for the past 5 years. About a year ago, one therapist friend who lives in the States told me about a new healing approach. She said, there is a great new approach called Quantum Entrainment® (QE™)! She is well acquainted with so many other energy/ healing modalities that I took her strong recommendation seriously. I received my first QE session with her over Skype. I couldn't believe what I experienced! I knew then that QE was for real.

Dr. Frank Kinslow is the developer and the only teacher of QE. I started to read Dr. Kinslow's book, "The Secret of Instant Healing"(English) right away. I also started to practice QE and realized good results. I became increasingly interested about attending a live QE workshop. I was fortunate enough to attend the workshop in February, 2011.

The workshop was held in Sarasota, Florida. I was impressed by the attendees coming from all over the world. Within the States, there were people from Florida, New York, and as far as Los Angeles, California, Texas and Oregon. There were people from outside the US, such as Toronto, Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Norway, Germany, Austria, and Sweden. I was the only one from an Asian country, Japan.

Attendees included people who are in the medical/health care field as well as people who were well versed in spirituality, healings, and high level of holistic healing professions. Thirty to fifty percent of them were non-professionals.

The workshop outline:

Basic Workshop

Dr. Kinslow explained the fundamental theory and the basic techniques. Then the attendees practiced each technique.

Practicing the process was very simple. Everybody understood and was able to perform the techniques.

My own impression compared to the other healing workshops I attended is that QE techniques are so much simpler, yet effective and anybody can do it.

QE creates certain ambiance, such as, calmness, quietness, gentleness, and serenity. Such attributes permeated the workshop.

Dr. Kinslow's talk was filled with humor, which resonated joyful response from the audience with heart felt laughter.

Dr. Kinslow emphasized that QE was not merely a healing technique. Rather, it is a quick and simple approach anybody can utilize to become aware of Pure Awareness. Healing happens as a secondary effect of becoming aware of Pure Awareness.

Although the healing is considered secondary, the fact that QE diminishes, and at times totally eliminates disharmony and pain in our mind / body is totally amazing.

Advanced Workshop

The advanced workshop was held on the second day. There, Dr. Frank, as endearingly called by some, explained QE in more detail. It included Group QE and Space Walking practice.

I, personally, had a profound experience while walking in the room with other attendees. While experiencing Eufeeling, which comes out of pure awareness, I felt I was totally connected with everything around me.

I assume there are individual differences but I am certain the majority of the people shared this profoundly moving experience of being connected, and everything being enveloped by loving-kindness. There were a few ladies who expressed their transformative experiences with tears and shaking voices during the comment sharing time.

I have never seen any meditation session or healing workshops where practicing anything for only 10 minutes produced such an impact. QE gives us such an experience. That is just one indication of how powerful QE is.

In the afternoon of the second day, Frank shared QE's application on finances, relationships, children, and animal QE. The workshop ended with a standing ovation.

In the past, Frank spent 3 1/2 hours a day in meditation for years. Then he discarded anything and everything that didn't work toward becoming aware. That included his meditation practice. When everything is eliminated there is nothing left, which is pure awareness. Once aware of pure awareness one becomes aware of Eufeeling which is absolute peace, joy and bliss.

I was personally impressed by the fact that you can learn QE from Frank's books and CDs and can get free MP3 downloads from the website. You don't need any special attunement from a master or a guru. You don't even have to attend the workshop to start practicing QE. Most anybody can learn the basics, practice QE and realize results right away. This only indicates how solidly and plainly the QE approach is laid out so that anybody who diligently applies themselves can master the QE approach.

I can’t help but compare QE to other meditation types of experiences. I noticed at the workshop that so many people commented how easy it is, and how anybody can do it. I believe that there is no other practice that brings the majority of attendees to experience this deep state of awareness. QE is that effective of an approach.

I would like to make mention of Dr. Kinslow's personal kindness extended to the first attendee from Japan. The very first night, after the Basic workshop, he invited me to his home office. There were others present including the staff and four certified QE practitioners.

We had a wonderful time visiting. Frank is very approachable which made our conversation easy and enjoyable. And the delicious dinner prepared by Mrs. Martina Kinslow! I thoroughly enjoyed this warm welcome by Frank, Martina, Cyndi (Frank's daughter), and the staff! Thank you very, very much!

QE took off like wildfire in Germany before being introduced in the States. The Secret of Instant Healing in German became the number one best seller in two weeks. The workshops in Germany are always sold out. In the first year in Germany over 12,000 people attended the Basic and Master workshops.

This book will soon be translated into 14 different languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese to name a few. In the States, The Secret of Instant Healing will be published by Hay House this summer. Hay House is a major publisher of spiritual topics. Its distribution is enormous throughout English speaking countries. You can talk to Frank on his weekly radio program through Hay House Radio at www.HayHouseRadio.com.

Since QE is such a wonderful approach, I sincerely desire its speedy wide spread in Japan as well. (Natural Spirit is in the process of translating/publishing the book.)

If you have any questions regarding QE or would like to receive a demo session, please contact us.

Miri is the only certified Quantum Entrainment practitioner who speaks Japanese.

You can also visit the QE website in English at www.kinslowsystem.com.

Thank you for your interest in QE.

The original report written in Japanese by Daisuke Ichihashi.

Translated into English by Miri Richardson.