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QE for Japan

Quantum Entrainment and the Japanese Disaster

I experienced many earthquakes and typhoons while growing up in Japan. But I never experienced Tsunami. I learned this time that Tsunami can cause more damage than the quake alone.

My husband and I were visiting my family and my therapist friends in Japan when the earthquake hit the northern part of the main land Japan on March 11, 2011.

My home town is in the central Japan, far enough away from the epicenter.  Because of the magnitude of this quake, which eventually went up to 9.0, we felt the quake pretty strongly. We were on the 13th floor of a 51 story building having a late lunch when we felt the quake. It was the longest quake I ever experienced, lasting 4-5 minutes.  The newer buildings are constructed to give into the quakes rather than resist them, up to a certain magnitude.

A couple of friends from the northern island were with us. One received a call from his friend asking if he was OK. The friend thought he was at home in the northern island, where the quake would have been felt even stronger.

The people next to us were ducking under the table for cover. We remained at the table. After we felt an aftershock, I guided my friends through a QE process. This seemed to help keep everybody calm and still. Later, I guided my friends through a QE process in different cities.  We experienced the same stillness. Peace seemed to emerge through us all.

A night before we left for the States, on March 15th, we had another noticeable quake. This one was at night, on the 7th floor of a 15 story building, on a man-made island on water. The epicenter was much closer this time, in the next prefecture. It was "only" 6.5. The building swayed again, but only for a couple of minutes.

My family and my friends were all safe, not much affected by the quakes. (As I write some parts of Japan are still having aftershocks.)

This is the most documented Quake/Tsunami in history. The mode of communication is such that the entire world knew what was happening in Japan, minute by minute. I do not need to write here about what devastating things happened there and what is still continuing.

At the first chance I got to a coin operated computer, I went to the QE forum. I was glad to find that Annette has already posted "QE for Japan" under "General Discussion." I urge you to go there and read the thread. You will know why we need to continue to QE "with" Japan.

I am also doing "QE with Japan" on Skype every Saturday, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time, US. If you would like to join us on Skype, please send me your Skype address. I will add you to our group call on Skype. Even if you can not join us in person, you can always QE with us at the same time.

I was asked if I was afraid while experiencing the quakes and learning all the possible implications of the quakes and tsunamis. Oddly enough, I was not. Quite contrarily, I was at peace the entire time. I was only aware.

After I returned to the States, I heard the people say, "I am so saddened by what happened to all these people." "I feel so anxious for what might happen to the rest of the world." "I feel so depressed." "I want to do something to help them.," etc., etc.

To those, I asked, "Did your thinking/feeling that way help the people in Japan?" Of course not. The best help you can give now is to QE, to become more aware of your Eufeeling.

Different groups of people were 'sending' energy and intention to stop the meltdown of the nuclear plant. When the containment seemed to be achieved, they took credit for the results. Lookwhat we did! This entire experience was, and still is, another reminder to "be," rather than to be "doing" things. QE helps me to 'be.' I donft have to take any credit for what I "do."

There was no time to send a request for QE or anything else when you are suddenly struck by disaster. No amount of money, your great intelligence, or your health could have saved you from what was happening.

As Frank says, things happen to all. Only because we QE, that doesnft mean we donft get sick, or get struck by such disastrous happenings. All these things ehappenf to us, only to help us become more aware. A true tragedy is that if a man survived all mishaps in his life yet at the end of his such  eblessedf life, never experienced true awareness. 

I am so immensely grateful for this opportunity to ebef the awareness that we are.

Thank you for reading this. And thank you for continue to "QE with Japan" and for all of us!

Peace, Love and gratitude!

Miri Richardson