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TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Class

TCM + (plus) Class is off to a good start. Some of you are asking more information on TCM itself.

Although study of TCM is a life long discipline, I am posting a web site address where a brief explanation of TCM and Qigong are provided.

The type of internal Qigong we do in the class is considered Medical Qigong, and has no affiliation with any religious Qigong practices.

Summary of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Wellness QiGong

This 6-week class is tailor-made for a busy American life-style.

Welcome to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Wellness Program, a program that allows you to take control of your own health as well as a natural way to weight loss that lasts!

For more than 5,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has understood the human body in a unique way.

One of its many gifts is its ability to help individuals heal the source, not merely the symptoms and health problems.

TCM is a holistic approach to regaining control of your health and awakening your innate ability to heal.

It considers the body as a unified and integrated energy system rather than a collection of independent parts, seeing everything woven into one magnificent web of life.

Perhaps, the major departure from most of the programs is that TCM believes that the answer to your health condition lies inside your body itself, not outside.

TCM states that excess weight and/or any other health conditions are external symptoms of a deeper imbalance between different organs.
These symptoms are the signs of other imbalances and they are not the problems themselves. It stands to reason, then, once the internal imbalance is corrected, the external symptoms, too will be corrected.

TCM Wellness Program

This program consists of three parts.

1.The Meridian Stretching Qigong (Chi-Kung).

   The ancient self-healing movements, which can increase and improve the function of your Qi(life fource), open up energy blocks and prevent Qi stagnation.Eating for Healing.

2.Learn how and why certain foods heal the body.

   This is not about food restrictions, appetite suppression or making food your enemy.

   This goes beyond calories, nutrition, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and other physical properties.

   It follows a specially designed plan to strengthen and increase your Qi.

3.Learning how your body really works from the TCM perspective.

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